Our methodology has been aligned to our vision of developing entrepreneurship and growing the SME Sector. We do not view SME’s as a homogeneous group and believe that their development should be based on where they  are at in their entrepreneurial life cycle.

Our business development methodology includes the following, viz.:

Desktop Assessment

Focusses on compliance and eligibility

Personality Profiling

Provides insight into the individual’s personality and assist with the development of their Personal Development Plans.

GAP Analysis

This provides insights into business gaps and allows us to prioritise business development and support.

SME Onsite Assessment

This is a more technical assessment to ascertain whether a SME can past a Corporate vendor listing assessment.

M&E Reporting

Monitor SME’s growth over a set period, this usually including movement in sales and staff figures.

GrowthWheel, is our primary business development tool-kit. GrowthWheel is a simple action orientated process that can be used for start-ups through to established businesses.

GrowthWheel is a leading global business development tool-kit used by Business Advisors and Business Development Agencies throughout Europe, the USA and South Africa.

Kulea Consulting has been an accredited licensed GrowthWheel adviser since 2012.